Paranews April, 22, 2021

Yes, the smile in this picture is genuine. #Ghostbustersafterlife is so good, that I was speechless!@JasonReitman

— Ernie Hudson (@Ernie_Hudson) April 19, 2021

Original Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson, tweeted earlier this week the screening of Ghostbusters:Afterlife left him speechless, leaving us all even more excited and anxious for the film to be released! 

While anxiously awaiting Ghostbusters:Afterlife, out this fall, Ghostbusters fans can be on the lookout for all of the fun new collector’s items to line their walls and shelves with.

Check out Ghostbusters News for more info on these cool items like the new Staypuft Marshmallow man and the Ghostpopper and where to find them. 

I was already checking out my cereal aisle for the new Ghostbusters cereal because well, I am also a fangirl of these iconic movies. How could I not be?