Paranormal Urbex Adventures

I love exploring dark, abandoned, possibly haunted homes, structures and areas.  There is an adrenaline rush and thrill of the unknown on these adventures. The most difficult part for me has been finding other people who are drawn to it as well so I am not going alone which could be just more dangerous than fun if things go sideways.

I am a paranormal investigator/researcher, and urban exploring was always part of it in many ways. I do find it difficult not to come to a screeching halt and make a U-turn when I see an old spooky abandoned home or building. What many people don’t get is that life can be just as wild and strange as the movies and it can be right in your backyard so to speak.

Covid has really turned the switch off for us to do the regular shit like going to see a movie, sitting in a restaurant with friends or going to see a live band. Truth be told I love going out exploring more anyways.

I know some have it in their heads, urban explorers trespass or destroy property but the people I know talk to neighbors, the local historical societies and relatives of the majority of these old, dark, mysterious places that we photograph and document. I always have my paranormal equipment with me to do readings, evps, ghostbox sessions or check the place out with my thermal imaging camera. The stories of what happened or possibly transpired on the property is what really draws me in.